Biceps Exercises for Beginners

When somebody starts muscle building, one of the mostly focused muscle group is the arms after chest. Yes, who else does not want strong and big arms.

However, many beginners do not train their arms properly. They do not do the right types of exercises and routine, which may lead to muscle and strength growth, but the results can be much better.

The Basics

1. Want big arms? Pay attention to other muscles!

One misconception of beginners is that they only train their biceps. Your upper arm consists two muscle groups triceps and biceps. The bigger ones are the triceps. Hence, if you want to build big arms, you should pay attention to your triceps as well.

In addition, in order to perform the various biceps exercises correctly and efficiently, you should have strong forearms and grip. This way you should not forget about lower arm exercises.

2. Which are the most efficient biceps exercises for beginners?

There are a lot of exercises with and without equipment. However, there are 3-4 that are essential.

The top arm workouts with weights are the biceps curl with barbell or dumbbells, preacher curls, and hammer curl.

But, I would add chip up as well which is a compound bodyweight exercise, but it improves biceps excellently.

If you do these movements, you can work out all parts of the biceps as well your forearms. They develop the muscle mass and strength.

3. Want results? Do moves accurately!

If you want an efficient biceps workout and avoid injuries it is crucial to perform the movements correctly. I have seen so many people doing the biceps curls badly which is not only inefficient but also dangerous.

Here some things you should focus on.

  • Right posture. Your back should be straight during the entire move.
  • Your shoulders should be pulled back that helps to avoid injuries and focus on the biceps muscles.
  • Don’t ever lean forward and then lean back to “support” the motion.
  • Avoid jerking.
  • Your upper arm should stay almost at the same place while you pull and lower the weights.
  • You should “feel” your muscles during the exercise. The muscles should be engaged.
  • Keeping your wrists straight is also essential.
  • Squeezing the bar also helps to engage the muscles more.
  • Finally, use weights that let you perform the moves correctly but provides enough resistance. There is no need to use large weights, you will commit the mentioned mistakes and may get injuries.

4. How often should I workout my biceps? And what about sets and reps?

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to workout all body parts 3 times a week. Hence, you will work your arms 3 times a week, but you should do only the maximum 3-5 sets per a session. That means 12-15 sets per a week.

For example, you do 3 sets of barbell biceps curls and 2 sets of hammer curls.

Once your body gets used to weight training, and you learn how do the exercises properly, you can start split training which means you train 1-3 body parts at each occasion. You can do 2, 3 or even 5 days split.

You can have harder arm workouts and more sets since your muscles have more time to recover.

The number of repetition for beginners is between 8-12.

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