How to Know if You Are Over Training?

Whether you are a newbie in the gym or a seasoned bodybuilder who has already put up a lot of muscle, building muscle is something which is on the to-do list of both. And that too, as quickly as possible.

In your quest to gain muscle steadily, there is a high possibility that you might over-train your muscles. This could cause fatigue and stress in the muscles. If the issue is not resolved in due time, it may lead to severe muscle soreness and injuries which could affect your gym routine and overall health.

Going to the gym and working out your muscles is not a one-day or a one-month affair. It is an undergoing process, where results are difficult to obtain but far easier to lose. And if your training routine is somehow halted due to any reason, you might stand at a risk of losing your hard earned muscles. Hence, it becomes imperative to be careful not to over-train your muscles by keeping in mind some general symptoms associated with it.

Workouts naturally lead to sore muscles, which are repaired by the body to give greater volume to the muscles. But if the soreness continues for extended periods of time, it is a clear sign that you are giving more stress to your muscles than they can safely handle.

Another sign is the feeling of exhaustion and tiredness most of the time despite maintaining a proper sleep and diet routine. A proper workout routine without any over-training will make you feel energetic instead of being tired and sluggish.

Excessive amount of workouts may also lead to erratic sleep and diet patterns, which apart from affecting your physical health may also prove to be detrimental to your mental health.

Paying attention to these symptoms can help you prevent any negative effects that over-training may cause to your body.

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