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Benefits of intermittent fasting

 Most of us think that taking a balanced diet, exercising daily, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is enough to stay fit, active, and salubrious but there is one more thing that plays a significant role in the same and that is intermittent fasting.

Many can mistake it to be a complete day fasting but contrary to that it is a pattern of eating and fasting. 16/8, 5:2, and the warrior diet are some of the popular methods of practicing it.

 Now let’s have a look at the avails that intermittent fasting provides us: 

  1. The human body is a machine which is constantly working and when we change the eating pattern several things happen in our body like: 
  • Insulin levels drop which facilitates fat burning.
  • The body growth hormones may increase
  • The body starts cellular repairing etc. 
  1. The word fasting itself tells “skipping of meals”  which results in less calorie intake. This further results in reducing weight and belly fat.
  2. It is generally considered, what is good for the body is often good for the brain as well. Intermittent fasting reduces oxidative stress & inflammation, controls blood sugar levels & insulin resistance, increases the growth of new nerve cells benefitting brain function, and Spurs the BDNF hormones which fight with depression and other brain problems.
  3. Researches say that Alzheimer’s, the world’s most common neurodegenerative disease can be delayed and its severity can be reduced with intermittent fasting.

    It’s never too late to try your hands on new things, so try going for intermittent fasting and see how it leaves your health, and do forget to complement your nutritional needs with the Endura Gym Supplements comprising every essential nutrient.

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