5 alternatives of whey protein

If you’re someone who’s into bulking up your muscles, you’re probably working out a lot, taking the best protein supplements in India, and taking a healthy diet. Whey protein is something that everyone who wants to gain muscle incorporates into their diet as it not only helps with muscle recovery but also helps in gaining muscle mass, the only downside being it can be a little expensive. But worry not, for you can read about 5 alternatives to whey protein below:

1- Fish Oils: Fish oils have a high content of mono- and polysaccharides unsaturated fats, and contain essential fatty acids like Omega-3 which lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. But their high protein content makes them an ideal substitute to red meat which has high amounts of saturated fats.

2- Nuts- Nuts are a great additive to protein supplements, they are highly packed with nutrients and protein which makes them a good substitute to whey protein.

3- Greek Yogurt- If you’ve read about diets for gaining muscle mass, then you must know by now that greek yogurt is something bodybuilders swear by. Just 6-7 ounces of fat-free Greek yogurt contains around 17-20g of protein. They make for a great post-workout snack and you can take them with or without your post-workout supplement.

4- Low Fat Cottage Cheese-  Don’t be confused by the word cheese here. Packed with high-quality protein and amino acids, low-fat cottage cheese makes for a great alternative to whey protein along with being a lot cheaper too, just like greek yogurt.

5- Lentils- When it comes to high protein foods in India, lentils are the first thing that comes to our minds. And rightly so, just one cup of lentils has over 18grams of protein. This makes it a great choice for those looking to gain muscle without taking a non-vegetarian diet.



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