Which Supplements Best Support *Your* Fitness Goals?

You know the importance of protein in your diet. In fact, you’ve probably been committed to your favorite protein powder longer than any romantic relationship you’ve had. And there’s no reason to separate now. You do, however, need a nutrition plan that goes beyond your high school glory days. Your body is more mature, more physically stressed and more needy than ever before. So what else do you need? Depending on your specific fitness goals, you’ll want to add a few key vitamins, minerals, aminos and more – your performance depends on it.  

BCAAs – Every athlete can benefit from branched-chain amino acids, but you need them to help speed up recovery between workouts. These ready-to-use amino acids aid in protein synthesis – especially when paired with a simple carb source like fresh-pressed juice. You can take BCAAs as quick nutrition when you’re rushing to the box. Otherwise, save this muscle-building mix for after your workout to kick-start the recovery process.

Endurance athletes

Long training hours, limited sleep and lots of pounding on the pavement are what it takes to make a strong endurance athlete. It’s also a recipe for overtraining and complete exhaustion. To avoid the pitfalls of going for that PR, you’ll need the support of these supplements.

Electrolytes – It’s a no-brainer, but the amount of sweat you lose during a four-hour workout must be replaced somehow. You spend a lot of time under the sun and on top of steaming-hot black tops. So balancing your electrolytes is not only a good idea, but absolutely necessary for summertime sessions. If you’re prone to excessive sweating and/or heat exhaustion, take an electrolyte tablet one hour before your workout and every hour during the workout (provided it lasts more than one hour).

Glucosamine – Repetitive forward motion adds stress to your physical structure. But with a daily glucosamine and chondroitin supplement, you can support your overworked joints and help keep you flexible and strong to the bone.* (Regular cross-training wouldn’t hurt, either.)

Turmeric – Turmeric is a unique root extract known to promote a healthy inflammatory response in the body.* As an athlete who is constantly in stress-and-repair mode, managing inflammation is critical to helping you push on…and on…and on. Turmeric can be reserved for your toughest training days. Or, look for a daily multivitamin that’s already formulated with the good root.


Preparing for a show means making some extreme nutritional sacrifices. Between carb-cycling , putting sauces on the side and cutting out cocktails, you’re determined. It’s all about those gains…which you will get when with a strict diet and the right optimizing supplements.

Creatine – If you’re looking for change, look no further than a quality creatine supplement. ATP (adenosine triphosphate: the source of all muscular energy) is used up quickly by muscle cells when performing high-intensity exercises. To replenish ATP, phosphocreatine donates its phosphate molecule to ADP (adenosine diphosphate). This allows for several more seconds of all-out effort. By best Bodybuilding Supplements with creatine before and after the gym, you’re helping yourself work out longer and harder for faster results.

Glutamine – This abundant amino acid is found in high concentrations in blood plasma, but sometimes more is more. Glutamine is a well-known recovery Best Bodybuilding Supplements , because it helps defend muscles against stress and fatigue. But in the big picture, glutamine also helps maintain nitrogen/ammonia balance for optimal muscle metabolism (the general process of breaking down macros to produce energy and muscle mass).* The above-average lifters take in about 5 grams of glutamine on training days.

Health nuts

You’re training for the biggest event of all: life. You work out to maintain a healthy weight and help wager your bets with genetic demons. That’s perfectly normal, but exercising more and eliminating fried foods may not be enough. You may not be able to change family history, but you can still leave your own healthy legacy behind.

Fish oil – You may get enough omega-3s from your clean eating, but what about those cheat days? If you’re splurging on the weekends but still hitting the weight room hard, Best Bodybuilding Supplements will support your joint health and flexibility – even more important as the years go by.* The trick to finding a fish oil supplement is to read the reviews, find a flavored formula and make sure it provides adequate EPA and DHA (the two most studied essential fatty acids).

B vitamins – As an active parent and active gym-goer, energy slumps are bound to happen. Not only will a B-complex formula help keep you wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, but B vitamins are known to benefit everything from your nervous system to heart health.* I recommend taking B vitamins with food daily or whenever you have an especially busy week planned.

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