Want to Boost your Immunity? Try Proteins and Fish Oil

We are living in the midst of a pandemic. People are dying, and there are no signs of this stopping anytime soon. Life has drastically changed, and most of us have been stuck inside our homes for months. One should be concerned about their immunity now.

If you are a regular gym-goer, you already have a workout schedule, gym supplements, and a balanced diet. Good news for you: your protein-rich diet will go a long way in keeping you safe while the battle against COVID-19 goes on.

Being in shape, losing the flab, or achieving your body goals isn’t enough right now. Your body must be protected; your health must be preserved. Looking at the deaths and the pain it entails, all steps must be taken to assure safety. Now that we are stuck in a pandemic, the need to boost our immunity is bigger than ever.

If you work out, you already know the importance of proteins. It builds muscles and repairs tissues. But it also fights infections. Antibodies rely on protein. Too little protein will weaken your immune system. If you haven’t already, include protein supplements like Endura Gym Supplements in your diet. It’s absolutely imperative to have a protein-rich diet now, and Indian diets tend to have lots of carbs but are very low on protein content. Tweak your diet and look into supplements to keep you safe.

Fish oil is rich in DHA. It enhances the functioning of B cells, hence strengthening the immune system. Long-chain omega 3 fatty acids are a blessing for your immunity. Include it in your diet. It also is rich in proteins. Double benefits!

Stay home, wear a mask, wash your hands and stay safe!


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