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Working out is a process that never ends, and this never-ending process can get monotonous at times, and slowly it can bore you. But it is still very important to train your body daily and focus on your fitness and health. To give you a short break or say to add up to your daily gym to-do list, we have listed down four very unique exercises you can carry forward with. These unique exercises routines help you to train your whole body. These are extremely dynamic and intensive, in such a way that is can make you sweat from head to toe in 20 minutes.

Bear Crawl

An exercise when you are on your all four without your knees touching the ground, with your palm and toes firmly placed on the ground, the aim of this exercise is to move forward in the same position to crawl like a bear.

It helps you to train your entire core and tighten it. It also tones your obliques and your thigh muscles. It is are also a great exercise for working out your chest. Start it doing by 30 seconds followed by 1 minute and ending it by 3 sets a day.

Alligator Walk

A very similar to Bear Crawl but a lot harder than that. In this, you are closer to the ground, because you are actually on your all elbow and toes (plank position). You move ahead moving your elbows in front and your legs follow. Dipping your hip to the side each time you move ahead. It helps you to tones your hips, along with working the core area and the upper body. Start with 45seconds of alligator walk following it to 2 sets each.

Crab Walking

An exercise that works your arms and tones the lower part of the arms which get loose. Also, it tones your glute muscles, quadriceps, and obliques. To start this exercise, sit on the floor, put your arms behind you and bend your legs. Once you get into this position, put your palms are firmly on the floor behind you and then lift your hips up. Now you are hanging in the air, with only your feet and palms holding you up. 30 secs of walking front and back will be a perfect start to your exercise.

Frog Jump

The most known and popular exercise among everybody because you might have done it when you were a kid. But it’s not a child play. It trains your abdominal area and thigh muscles like no other exercises. For a frog jump, sit upright and the get on all fours (while sitting). As you are in a squatting position, you jump forward and replicate the posture of a frog.

For more effective results, do 30 seconds of frog jumps and try and increase it to 1 minute. And do 3 sets of this exercise.

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