How to choose a muscle building pre workout supplement?

About less than a decade ago, the only supplements that were commonly used by fitness enthusiasts were post-workout supplements, that too mainly protein. Pre-workout supplements were not very famous and generally consisted of a meal at best, with a carb source such as bread or bananas, and a beverage like coffee for caffeine.

But advances in technology and awareness concerning nutrition have now introduced various pre-workout supplements in the market, which are widely used by even the most casual of gym-goers.

Pre-workout supplements are nutritional mixtures which are taken before going for any strenuous physical activity, which may be weight-lifting or even a sport like football. They are aimed at increasing your efficiency during workouts, by boosting up your performance and stamina.

But there are so many different types of products available nowadays, that it is easy to get confused. It thus becomes important to choose a good muscle building pre-workout supplement which is ideally suited to your fitness goals.

If you are looking for a good and reliable pre-workout supplement that enhances muscle building, there are a lot of renowned brands which can be used. But you need to keep in mind the general composition of the mix before buying it.

The most important ingredient to look for is BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids). They are directly metabolised in the muscles rather than the liver, so they are a good source of quick energy and muscle fibre synthesis.

Presence of Whey Protein in the supplement is also highly appreciated as it provides a steady flow of amino acids in the blood, which is essential for muscle building. It also peaks up Insulin levels in the blood, which cancels the side effects of cortisol which a muscle wasting hormone.

The supplement should also contain High Glycemic Carbohydrates, which are fast digesting carbs. These carbs are quickly absorbed by the body and provide energy for heavy workouts by preserving the glycogen levels in the blood.

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