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Casein versus whey protein

Protein is one of the most vital nutrients that our body requires. It is essential for building muscles, muscle strength, and body growth. Let’s know about whey and casein, two most popular protein supplements in prevail. Both of them are of high quality, highly bioavailable complete proteins rich in amino acids.

Despite having come from milk there are certain differences between the two.

1. Whey protein gets digested rapidly whereas casein protein goes slow and digests gradually.

2. Whey protein is anabolic and rapidly spikes blood amino acid levels on the other hand casein protein is considered to be an anti-catabolic and it provides a steady stream of amino acid over time which keeps muscle tissue breakdown at bay.

3. Whey protein takes a maximum of 20 minutes to get digested and absorbed into blood whereas casein protein takes 3-4 hours in synthesis.

4. Since whey protein gets absorbed quickly it also returns to baseline quickly but casein protein doesn’t return to baseline even after 7-8 hours of ingestion.

Both the proteins have their own significance so you can find what suits your type and what gives you better results. In accordance with that, you can even go for the Endura Gym Supplements and whey protein available online and offline across the country to get your desired outcome.

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