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Nuts & it’s benefits: as a part of your diet!

Hey there! Being the platform where we provide you the best health supplements from Endura and keep taking care of your salubrity, how can we forget to give you the essential dietary advices to ensure your good health and strength? Today we are here to talk about the health benefits of adding nuts in your diet.

Nuts are the nutrient dense food containing high quality vegetable protein , fibre, minerals , phenolic compounds , bioactive compounds and unsaturated fats.

Even though there are many benefits of nuts but we’ll divulge here only few of them:

1. Consuming almonds daily can be very beneficial at lowering the cholesterol level and reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes because they contain the Highest amount of Calcium of all nuts and fibre, vitamin E and magnesium.

2. Cashews are even richer in iron and magnesium than almonds. Including them in your diet can help you preventing cancer and promote a healthy heart. These are very beneficial for strong bones and good skin & hair as well.

3. Walnuts are rich in high quality omega 3 fats, phytosterols and antioxidants so they are very effective in reducing depression and ageing diseases.

4. Rich in oleic acid, magnesium , calcium and vitamin B & E Hazelnuts are good at building muscles, bones and digestive health.
5. Peanuts are basically legumes which contains the highest amount of folates and vitamin E. These are good promoters of sharp memory, healthy heart and brain development.

6. Last but not the least , pistachios , the delicate nuts containing enough dietary fibres can help in losing weight and burn more fat.

So don’t forget to add them in your diet and stay fit with a smiling gesture of your health.

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