Top 7 Protein-Rich Foods for Vegetarians

It’s an oft-heard question: can a vegetarian get enough proteins?

It’s an even more important query if you are someone trying to gain muscle mass. Proteins are absolutely indispensable if you want to build muscles. Does being a vegetarian, in this case, act as a hurdle?

Absolutely no. You have a balanced diet, a workout routine, and protein supplements. We live in an era of gym supplements and protein shakes. They already make up for nutritional deficiencies. Select an appropriate one. There are plenty of vegetarian sources of proteins as well.

We list a few of them.

Soy: Soy is a complete protein. It provides your body with all the amino acids it needs. It has great levels of calcium and iron as well. And did we mention that it’s cheap?

Nuts: Nuts are a powerhouse of proteins. Also, they satiate you fast. Hence, it can help you with weight loss as well. You should incorporate nuts like peanuts and almonds in your diet.

Lentils: They offer lots of proteins. They are very rich in fibers as well. We, the Indians, with our bevy of dals, are no strangers to lentils.

Quinoa: It is packed with proteins and other nutrients like magnesium and iron. It’s versatile; you can use it to replace rice or pasta.

Seitan: Another food very rich in proteins. However, if you are gluten-intolerant, avoid it. Otherwise, this food with its high protein and wheat content is great for your diet.

Green Peas: Another rich source of proteins, it’s high in fiber content as well. Include it in your diet to increase your protein intake.

Seeds: They are a rich source of proteins. They are versatile as well; you can add them to any dish you want.

Tweaking your diet is enough. Along with products like Endura Gym supplements, it’s enough to meet your daily protein needs.

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