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Why Sugar beverages are poison for health?

If you ask any fitness enthusiast, or even someone conscious about their diet, they would surely tell you that sugar is one thing they avoid. After all, a huge number of studies have proved that sugar is the number one enemy to good health and affects the human body badly. That’s why every good whey protein supplements come without artificial sugar. Here a few reasons why sugar beverages are poison for your health and you:

1- Promotes Weight Gain- Sugar from sweetened hot and cold beverages is supposed to be the number one reason behind world obesity. Sodas, juices, and sweetened coffee or tea contain lots of fructose, a type of sugar that promotes hunger and desire to consume more food, other than that it also may make you immune to leptin that regulates hunger in your body and makes you stop eating. That’s why you should avoid sugary drinks and stick to Endura protein supplements.

2- Increases Risk Of Heart Diseases- Overconsumption of sugar have been scientifically linked to heart-related conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, and inflammation. Not only that, over-consumption of sugar also increases the risk of death from heart-related diseases.

3-Increases Risk Of Acne- High-sugar diets full of fructose not only affect your body and weight, but they also affect your skin and cause skin-related issues like acne, due to increased androgen secretion, oil production and inflammation which are the underlying conditions behind acne.

4- Causes Energy Drain- We are all familiar with sugar crashes or the energy drain that leaves us paralyzed after we have too much sugar, when you eat sugar-loaded products that lack fiber and protein, you may get a momentary energy boost, known as the sugar high which is then followed by a sharp drop in blood pressure causing energy drain.

These are the main reasons to avoid sugar and stick to post-workout supplements.

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