Can you depend on protein bars for your protein requirements?

It is a well-known fact that protein is the most important nutrient for gym goers, as it helps in repairing muscles by boosting up muscle protein synthesis. Although there are many options for protein intake available in the market, protein bars are one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways of consuming protein and other important nutrients. They have a high amount of available protein per gram and are low in fats and sugars.

Protein bars generally contain protein from a source like milk, peas or eggs. Although they are complete as a supplement in themselves, they are not to be confused with meal replacements, as there are no plausible replacements for wholesome foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals and dairy products.

Protein bars can just be used as a quick fix. They are convenient to intake and thus are a common choice among people with busy lifestyles who often skip meals due to work pressure or other personal and social commitments.

These bars also come with many added multivitamins and micro-nutrients such as B-complexes and Calcium. So they are an efficient way to take good care of your body parts from the muscles, like the skin, bones and hair. Many protein bars may also contain supplements like glutamine and creatine, which are essential for regular workout freaks and heavyweight lifters. The low amount of fats and cholesterol also makes it an ideal choice for calorie conscious people.

But, these bars would work best when you combine them with regular workouts, especially strength training. This would allow your body to more effectively utilise the available protein and other nutrients in the bar.

Also, howsoever healthy they may be, protein bars like any other supplements should be taken in moderation, and excessive intake may lead to gas and bloating.

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