4 Diet Rules For Body Builders

‘Huge bodies are not made in the gym…they are made in the kitchen’ is a famous saying among iron lifters. And why not Workouts may be an important part of building muscles, but they are pretty useless unless coupled with proper diet and nutrition.
So if you really want to show up with some huge gains, here are some diet tips worth mentioning-

  • Eat more but not at once
    Consuming more calories keeps your body in a caloric surplus state, which is pivotal in building muscles and gaining strength. But instead of gorging all your food at once and then eating nothing for prolonged periods of time, you should try your best to eat more frequently during the day. Distributing your meal intake into 6 or maybe even 8 sessions are highly recommended.
  • Have more of lean protein for lean muscles
    Consuming more of proteins is surely the way to increase muscle mass. But your protein should come from animal sources as much as possible. Animal-derived proteins like eggs and meat have a higher biological value as compared to plant sourced proteins like beans, which implies that they are more readily absorbed and utilised by the body.
  • Carbohydrates and fats are not your foes
    Carbohydrates are considered highly essential when it comes to providing you with energy to sustain yourself in the gym. And healthy fats have been proven time and again to increase muscle protein synthesis and repair exercise-induced inflammation. So they are to be focussed upon along with protein in a balanced way.
  • Whey protein is not an anabolic steroid
    Whey protein is a healthy supplement as it provides your blood-stream with a constant supply of amino acids which aids in muscle repair and growth. So it should definitely be included in the diet, as a pre-workout or post-workout shake according to your requirements.
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