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Home Workout for beginners!

Hey there! If you are a food junkie but want to stay fit and active without stepping out of the house then we have some basic exercises for you to try out at your very own place but do remember to keep the workouts in an ascending order according to the breathing rate.
Let’s get started to The beginner’s workouts form head to toe:

1. THE PRONE LIFTS : To start with the easiest is the best way to reach the toughest.Lay down with your face up. Exhale, lift one leg off the floor. Inhale to lower the leg. Alternate the leg and repeat.

2. THE PEDDLER : lie down on your back. Lift up both the legs exhaling. Start the paddling clockwise. Inhale and put the legs down. Exhale and repeat anti-clockwise.

3. HIP RAISE : Nothing easier can be done than this to get a tight core. Lie on the floor with the face up, keeping the arms at your side and knees bent. Rise your hips, stay up for few seconds. Lower the back to the initial position.

4. PLANK : place your forearms on the floor. Keep your elbows aligned below shoulders and arms parallel to the body. Lift the body up on your toe. Hold on in the position and then get back to the starting position.

5. SQUAT : stand keeping your feet shoulder-width apart being a bit outwards. Tense your abs and look straight. Move your butt backwards and go to the sitting position. Hold on for few counts. Get back to the initial position.

6. LUNGES : keep your upper body straight and relaxed with the chin up. Step forward with one leg, lower your hips and bend the knees at 90°s. Stay in this position. Alternate the leg and repeat.

7. HIGH KNEES : stand straight with your feet hip- width apart. Place your palms above your belly bottom facing the floor. Drive right knee to meet the right hand, alternate your knee and hand in a hopping motion.

8. PUSH- UPS : start in a high plank position with the body straight and palms under the shoulders. Lower your body till the chest is about to touch the floor. Force your hands to leave the ground. Perform 10 raps for a set of 2 at the beginning.

9. SKIPPING : Start in a standing position.Jump upwards using your left leg while at the same time bend your right knee and drive it upwards. Swing your arms for extra momentum.

So.. hang in there, it’s better late than never. Get set to go for a happy workout session.

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