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Health improvements with 15 days lifestyle challenge

Adopting a healthy lifestyle for maintaining good health is not a big deal. All you need to do is to make up your mind and stay firm on that. We’ve come with a challenge to benefit your physical and mental health. Adopt one good habit every day and see what changes you find at the end of the challenge.

Day 1: MINDSET – you’re what your mind thinks so fill your mind with positivity & peace and get up to start your day with it all perfect.

Day 2: MAINTAIN BEDTIME – An early sleeper and early riser is more likely to sustain a healthier diet, enhance productivity and concentration.

Day 3: NUTRITION – Talking about health how a healthy diet can be forgotten? Include whole grains, fruits, leafy green vegetables and keep switching them to keep yourself entertained.

Day 4: EXERCISE – Working on your inner and outer muscles is a good habit. It strengthens your body, keeps it fit, active, and going. Moreover, different yoga postures even help the body to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat.

Day 5: DRINK WATER – Hydration is very important for all the body functions to go on perfectly including the cleansing of the body.

Day 6: WALK – Go for a walk after your meals. This helps the metabolism to work more efficiently and also improves digestion.

Day 7: GOOD NIGHT SLEEP – Never compromise your sleep. It is necessary for good immunity, reduced stress levels, and improved concentration.

Day 8: EARLY DINNER – Early dinner impacts the overall health managing body weight, digestion, regulated metabolism, and better sleep.

Day 9: DON’T MISS BREAKFAST – Beginning your day with a heavy healthy meal keeps you going throughout the day. Skipping this meal can negatively affect blood sugar levels, energy levels, and metabolism.

Day 10: AVOID REFINED SUGAR – Avoiding sugar is good for your BS levels and triglycerides. It also reduces the risk of weight gain.

Day 11: ADD NUTS – Nuts are a nutritious and great source of healthy fat, protein, and antioxidants.

Day 12: DETOX – Detoxing your body not only eliminates toxins but aids in weight loss, better digestion, reduced inflammation, and rejuvenated skin.

Day 13: AVOID JUNK FOOD – These are loaded with calories and unhealthy fat which harms the health and contributes to weight gain.

Day 14: SMILE – Smile more and more. The stretch of these muscles reduces stress and gives peace to your mind.

Day 15: SUM-UP – Sum up all the good habits that you’ve adopted during the challenge and see if your life is now on a healthier track.

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