Diet vs. Exercise: What’s More Important for Weight Loss?

The mantra of weight loss is: quantity of calories burnt must exceed the number of calories consumed. The question arises – dieting or exercising? Which one works better for losing weight? Which is more important?

Well, the answer is more complicated than simply choosing one of the two options.

As a general rule of thumb, dieting is more important than exercise for losing weight in the short-term.

Dieting and cutting out calories from your diet is way easier than exercising and burning the same. For the short term, someone who exercises control over their weight tends to lose way more weight than one who exercises but doesn’t check their eating habits. Yet, it isn’t as simple as that. People who rely solely on dieting to lose weight tend to gain it back easily as well.

Also, dieting can be harmful to your health. Without an adequate balanced diet, you are depriving your body of what it needs and harming it. Make it balanced, count the calories you consume, and add more healthy carbs, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables to your diet. Incorporate protein supplements into your diet as well.

One needn’t repeat the benefits of exercising; they are too well-known. While the process of losing weight might be slower as compared to dieting, it does your muscles and tissues good. You can rely on gym supplements to replenish your body. There are a lot of healthy and reasonably-priced options to choose from Endura gym supplements.

However, people working out might start overeating since they believe that the calories they burnt compensates for that and might start gaining weight in spite of working out.

The verdict? Both dieting and exercising are equally significant if you want to lose weight and be healthy for the long-term.



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