Body Building Myths

Body Building Myths

Being a novice into body-building make you believe all the myths that exist in body building.

The top 4 most common myths and how you can avoid them to maximize both your time and effort have been mentioned below.


The “muscle pump” is the biggest myth that exist in the minds of the people who are crazy for body- building. The truth is that continuous exercise with proper bodybuilding supplements shall help you regulate your body. Putting excessive pressure on to your muscles will hinder your muscle strength and you might even watch some adverse effects due to unnecessary strain.


Some believe, the more you work out, the more results you’ll see. Working out too many times in a week and for long can lead to over training and put adverse effects on the body. Your muscles won’t have adequate time to properly repair themselves, if you keep your body constantly in the state of over training. That’s why it is advisable to ensure that you’re taking time to rest so that your body become able to recuperate from your grueling workouts and is ready for the next one.


A very common misconception among the general population is that fat is bad, so as a result, many beginners avoid including it in their regular diet. The truth is that fat is a very essential nutrient for body that provides abundant energy. There are different types of fat, such as saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. If the majority of your fat intake is made up of mono- and polyunsaturated fats, they will not harm you because they are healthy fats that will provide your body with the energy that it needs. Now a days you can also rely on various bodybuilding supplements that are available in the market.


It is always advised to include some form of cardiovascular exercise in your daily workout routine, regardless of whether you arebulking or cutting. Cardio helps the lungs and heart, and also improves the body ability to utilize oxygen, as well as it helps to keep blood pressure in check. If you’re currently not doing cardio for fat loss, you should aim to do it two to three times per week.

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