Best Supplements for Lean Mass

So, you want to shed some weight or develop some lean muscles, and to serve the purpose you are hitting the gym every day and religiously gorging upon a balanced diet, yet there is no enhancement in muscle growth. If the situation sounds familiar, then probably it is time for you to consider taking some mass building supplements. Just as there are many products available in the market so is the advice of people suggesting you try one product or another. But as the Endura premiere series have been relentlessly working to make your fitness training hassle-free, listed below are few essential bodybuilding supplements that would enhance the growth of lean muscles in your body:

  1. Protein powders/bars: Proteins are made of amino-acids which are the building blocks of muscles and therefore, an adequate supply of proteins is very much required if you want to grow bigger.The major source of raw protein needed for developing lean muscle is whey protein isolate which consists of ample number of BCCA which is easily digested and helps to burn fat and transform them into muscle tissue.
  2. Creatine: It is an important ingredient that works forthemajority of people who are trying to build muscles. It provides the muscle cells with strength and energy. Therefore, it not only helps to build the stamina but also helps the muscle tissues to grow bigger. Recent studies have also shown that creatine has a fair share in repairing injured muscle tissues as well.
  3. Glutamine: Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the skeletal muscle of the body, but extreme exercises can lead to its depletion which also means loss of the vital muscle tissues. As a result, it is very important to include glutamine supplement especially when one is under rigorous exercise regime. Some of its essential function besides retaining muscle mass is to develop more lean muscle, boost the immune system and replenish lost energy in the body.
  4. Beta-alanine: Inclusion of beta-alanine supplements is capable of positively affecting the body in so many ways. It induces the amount of carnosine in muscles which leads to the development of lean muscle mass and increases the tenacity and stamina of the muscles as well.

The Endura Premiere Series have come up with a range of products which are highly loaded with all the above-mentioned supplement making it the best amino acids supplement in India.

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