Which Whey To Go?

Workouts in the gym can be challenging. But what’s more pressing is the need for proper diet and supplementation to allow your body to repair the damage it has undergone during the workouts. It is a well-known fact that gym goers should consume a balanced diet to offer more of everything their bodies need for healthy growth. But the most important constituent in your diet to enhance muscle recovery is definitely protein. As people doing heavy workouts may need a lot of protein in the diet, it is not possible from consumption of only regular food which often consists of only a fraction of the amount of protein actually needed daily. To overcome this conundrum, supplements like whey protein are a good bet and a safer option for fulfilling the protein requirements of the body. Whey protein comes in many forms like concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. Among them, Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is one of the best supplements for protein intake. WPI is obtained when whey protein is subjected to a process known as Cross-flow Micro-filtration. This isolates the protein from the carbohydrates, fats, lactose, and other substances in the way, thus giving it the name ‘isolate’.

It helps in weight loss because of the absence of any carbs or fats. And it has a much higher protein content (generally about 90%), which translates to more protein available for optimum muscle synthesis and aiding recovery after strenuous workouts. It is a much simpler form of protein, so is easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the body. Since little or no lactose is present, WPI is ideal for people who are allergic to milk and dairy products (read lactose intolerance). If you are looking for that shredded and lean muscular look, whey protein isolate is definitely a very good option for protein supplementation.

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