How to lose fat without starving yourself?

Unlike what many people think it to be, fat loss is a very technical, planned and gradual process. If you are one of those people for whom the word ‘dieting’ has been equivalent to starving yourself for prolonged periods of time even when it’s time to eat and you are feeling hungry, you are surely in for a ride.

The general perception has equalised fat loss with reduced eating, but this is not the case at all. In fact when you eat less, two negative changes happen to your body.

The first one is that your body senses that there is a shortage of food, and due to the inbuilt fat storage mechanism (fat is basically storage food for an emergency situation), it begins to store fat in the common areas like the belly, thighs and back. This makes you look – even fatter!

The second one is that because of a deficit of calories and a heavy amount of workout, the body cannot get enough energy from the lesser calories. So it goes into what is called a ‘catabolic state’, and begins to break muscles (Unlike fat which is storage for emergency, muscles are readymade sources of energy and are broken before fats). The reduced muscle in your body makes you look – yes you guessed it right – Even Fatter!

So in order to lose fat, consume enough calories after calculating your calorie requirements with the help of a calorie calculator which is easily available online. Also consume a lot of fibre as it helps to cut down fat from the body. And ensure that you do a lot of cardio along with the strength training in the gym.

This will ensure that you lose fat the healthy way, and get a clean and toned look for your body. To further increase muscle growth you can also  take good supplements like Endura Premiere Gym Series for a ripped body. Best of luck for your trimming journey!

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