Over the year everything around us has shown significant change either it is technology, thinking, people and nature. But one thing that did get overnight popularity and carried its charm till now is building a well-toned and decorated chest.

Arnold Schwarzenegger-the Hollywood star, WWE wrestlers like ‘The Rock’ and ‘Bobby Lashley’, and our very own Desi He-man, Dara Singh, are the people who had set a high benchmark in this field.

Apart from making you hell attractive a toned and the well-shaped chest also helps you in maintaining a better poster, strengthen your neck and back area. Also, it does lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and whatnot…

Before understanding the best workout and tips for a well-shaped and toned chest, one needs to know the structure of the chest, what it’s made up of Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, and Serratus Anterior are the main muscles that make up the chest.

Pectoralis Major is the major chest muscles that make up the majority of the chest it is responsible for movement and rotation of your arms for your workout sessions. On the other hand, Pectoralis Minor acts as a base for major it originates from 4th to 5th ribs depending upon ones build, the primary job of this muscle is to help your breath. Serratus Anterior is the most ignored muscle in the process of chest building It is located in the chest wall. It helps in the movement of the scapula and helps in allowing them to be raised over 90 degrees.

Now as we are much aware of our chest muscles science let’s see the best and tested way to train that beast.

1.Barbell bench press

The most important activity that you can’t afford to miss as it helps to train your chest, shoulder, and triceps, During the process it helps in building your pec. Major muscles. 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps a day will help you attain the desired result.

2.Flat beach Dumbbell

A top choice in all gym freaks list due to its viability, as the free weight helps in more scope of development of muscles on the triceps area as free weight is hard to handle it helps in mounding the lower pecs. 2-3 sets of 15-18 reps will start making the impact.

3. One Arm bell Dumbbell Row

It is a free weight exercise that helps in toning the upper and lower back, shoulder, hips, and biceps. It also helps in adding bulk to your body, it also a complete exercise for all your chest muscles. 2 sets of 15-20 reps will be enough for chest growth.

4.Bar Bell Row

A critical exercise that assembles the body mass and helps to strengthen the serratus anterior so that a perfect shape can be attained. Apart from that, it will help in building your back muscles too. 4 sets of 12 reps each are the exact amount for your perfect chest.

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