How to get better results from your workouts?

I remember a guy who came to the gym daily, and maintained consistency over an year, but he did not get any noticeable results. On the contrary, I have seen guys who have been working out for 6 months, and possess the confidence to get shirtless anytime, anywhere. So it becomes clear that simply doing workouts is not enough, and you need to re-think your plans if you are not getting the desired results from your workouts. 

The first and foremost thing is to obviously be a regular gym goer, and not when it ‘feels like’ you have to work out. Apart from this, there are some simple steps which when kept in mind would definitely increase the efficiency of your workouts.

Just showing up at the gym and doing the motions is not going to help, and you must give your 100% to your workouts – every set and every rep. Do not neglect any muscle groups by paying attention to your favourite muscles only. This is because all muscles in our body are connected, and a wholesome growth ensures that all muscles grow properly and become stronger. Also, pay equal attention to isolated and compound movements. Ignoring any one for the other would not be a healthy choice, and balance is the key.

Try to visit the gym during off-hours, so that you get ample time and space to do a serious workout session. And please do not stop when your muscles start to hurt, because the pain means that your muscles are being challenged, and you must conquer the pain for any new growth to take place. Apart from all this, a healthy diet and Endura Premiere Gym Series can act as a big catalyst. Take good care of your body, and your body will take good care of you!

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