How To Become Muscular?

While many people are still confused with what to eat and how to work out, some may be done with the basics and would now be planning to put on some serious meat on that tough frame. Becoming muscular is an ambition for a lot of people because it gives you strength, enhances your metabolism and makes you look more masculine and attractive.

First things first, you should minimise cardio from your workouts as much as possible. Any cardio you do should be light ones, meant only for warm-up, as intense cardio leads to muscle loss and it would be the last thing that you would want.

When you visit the gym, you must make sure to lift heavy. How heavy? One rule of the thumb, as stated by a famous professional coach is, “If you do not fear that you will hurt yourself the moment you lose focus, you seriously need to add more weight to the bar”. True that!

Sandwich your workout sessions with a good protein shake to provide you the nutrients for proper repair of the muscles. In addition, you must remember to maintain a calorie surplus, and the extra calories should consist of high quality lean protein as much as possible. Avoid fats and carbs most of the time, because you are not doing much cardio and the excess calories from them may get stored up as unwanted fat in your body.

You might also consider taking supplements such as Endura Gym Supplements, which help you to become a beast in the gym and also help in bulking up of the muscles.

And the most underrated, yet the most crucial part, is to get a sleep of atleast 8-9 hours at night, because that is the time when your body utilises the food for muscle protein synthesis.

Happy Bulking!

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