The Reverse Cardio Workout

Start out faster than normal (power walk, run, cycle, use the elliptical or stairclimber at a challenging level) and slow down every 3 minutes until you hit an easy pace. The intensity levels listed are on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is lounging and 10 is an all-out sprint; an 8.5, for example, is 85 percent of your maximum effort. The key is to find your starting speed. If you start out too fast and get fatigued, slow down to recover, then pick up where you left off when ready.

Warm up for 5 minutes.

Intensity level (on a scale of 1 to 10)          Time
8.5 3 minutes
8 3 minutes
7.5 3 minutes
7 3 minutes
6.5 3 minutes
6 3 minutes
5.5 3 minutes
5 3 minutes

Cool down for 5 minutes.

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