Quick Cardio Workout : Get Your Best Body Shape Ever

Total time: 16 (advanced) to 29 (beginner) minutes

It’s easy: Speed up for the number of seconds listed for your level, then go at an easy pace for a minute or two to recover. Repeat 8 times for a complete cardio session.

Warm up for 5 minutes: 3 minutes light walk or jog > 30 seconds at half effort > 30 seconds light walk or jog > 30 seconds at 75 percent of maximum effort > 30 seconds light walk or jog

Choose one of the levels below and repeat 8 times to complete your session.

Level           Sprint          Recovery
Beginner 60-second jog 120-second walk
Intermediate 30-second sprint 60- to 90-second walk
Advanced 20-second all-out 60-second walk

Endura’s tip
If you’re using a treadmill, there’s a lag of 5 to 10 seconds that it takes the belt to reach your target speed. So the sprint time starts when the belt actually hits your selected MPH, and the recovery starts once the belt returns to a walk speed.

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