Build Your Strength

When you ask any Fitness veteran, he will surely say that strength is the foundation of every day’s athleticism, exercise. Either it is hitting a cricket ball 100 mtrs into the crowd or lifting almost double your body weight. Some wise people might think that strength is directly related to the muscles sizes you grow, when you grow strong you gain stamina, run faster and hit harder.People are getting bigger, faster and more explosive than before. And that is because most of the people today in the gym try out focus on building their strength and endurance rather than pumping their big and heavy muscles all the time.

If that was enough for you to get convinced for working on your strength and endurance then here are some of the tips to boost your strength-building exercise and make the most use of it.

The Big Four

Starting with the basics, squats, deadlift, bench press and shoulder press are the best stamina building exercise, these exercise uses your core to generate power each time, keeping your pulling muscles in balance with pressing one.
Always the barbell First

Don’t forget barbell is the king and dumbbell is the queen and everything else are just followers. Barbell helps you load a lot of weight, powering your arms and wrist muscles. For stamina, the building uses your lightweights on first and slowly increasing it. Always make sure that you have an equal amount of weight on both the sides so that you train equally and properly.

Don’t Over Do It

If you are from that population who think to grow more muscles, or increase stamina you need to repeatedly do something, then I am sorry to burst your lovely dream down my friend. There is a limit to each and everything and if that’s not taken care properly you might get prone to injuries too.

Don’t Skip Cardio

If you are in a business of building stamina and strength then you should never, I said never miss out a cardio session. One should do cardio in a short and intense burst. Sprinting up the hill, cycling down a road for even running can be productive. This will not only help you gain more stamina, endurance but will make you lean and helps your muscle mass.

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