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Aerobic or Anaerobic : which one is your type?

One might get drifted about the terms aerobic & anaerobic exercises and effluence for the wrong stream contrary to his/ her suitability. So one should be knowing these terms first.

AEROBIC EXERCISE: These type of exercises include any kind of cardiovascular conditioning activities. While performing such activities the breathing rate increases. Aerobics include activities to be performed for sustainable period of time with moderate amount of energy.
ANAEROBIC EXERCISE: These exercises differ form the previous one. These are performed at maximum effort for a short period of time and the breathing rate stays moderate.
Aerobics are very beneficial to increase the endurance and cardiac health while anaerobic are inerrable in burning fat and gain lean muscles.
A Couple of Aerobic Exercises:
1. JUMP ROPE: This simple exercise needs only a jump rope as an equipment. You can perform this for 30 seconds and take 30 seconds for rest to start the next set as a beginner. It develops better body awareness and agility.
2. JOGGING: This effective form of aerobics doesn’t need any equipment. As a beginner you can run for 15-20 minutes twice a week. This helps in Burning fat and calories and improves heart health.
Do remember that if you have chronic health problems that effect engaging in regular exercises then you should spare yourself form these.

A Couple of Anaerobic Exercises:
1. ISOMETRICS: This weight training exercise is helpful to those who are managing arthritis or any other pain provoking condition because it doesn’t require full range of motion.
2. SPRINTS: Those who want to engage in maximum running effort and potential rather than a steady jog, sprints are a good option for them. It builds up the inner stamina but if you have any sort of problem in your joints then sprints are not a good thing to opt.
Hope you are now able to distinguish the two and ready to build your stamina up.

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