Why should you warm up before a workout?

So you already got a workout routine. Congratulations on taking time out for yourself. That’s all most of us need to do daily really: work out, eat a balanced diet, and have gym supplements. Even if one has nobody goals to achieve, they should work out. It’s great for your body. Eating a balanced diet is essential to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. Protein supplements like Endura Advanced Lean Mass give you the extra calories you need and make up for deficiencies in your meal.

However, there’s one more step you should add to your routine: warming up before workouts. And we are not talking about stretches.

We are talking about cardiovascular activities like walking. It’s better for your body if you warm up before beginning your routine. There are numerous benefits, a few of which is listed below.

  1. Warming up gets your body prepared for the more intense workout that’s to follow.
  2. It gets your heart beating faster.
  3. Blood flow increases.
  4. Joints are loosened.
  5. You perform better.
  6. Chances of acute injuries decrease.
  7. It gets rid of stiffness.
  8. It raises the body temperature.
  9. Your body gets into the mode of an intense workout faster.

How long your warming up session lasts depends on how long and intense your workout routine is.

Just adding 15 to 30 more minutes to your routine will do your routine so much good. Your performance will be boosted. Working out will feel easier as well, since your body was already prepped for it. Also, less soreness after working out!

Show your body some more love and warm up before you begin to work out.


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