Don’t Give Up Once You Start Working Out

You go to the gym daily. You have a great diet, complete with Endura Gym Supplements. You might think that your working out routine is great? And it is, except for one thing: a break.

Taking a break is absolutely necessary. Your body needs to rest as well! Well-timed regular breaks are essential.

But what happens when your one-day break turns into a week? Stress, injuries, vacation, family? What about when that one week turns into a month? When do you start getting “out of shape”? Of what impact is your diet and protein supplements without the gym?

Detraining, or the reversal of benefits you receive from training, depends on factors like your age and how long have you not been exercising.

Let’s take a look at some of the effects of abandoning your workout routine.

1. Shrinking of Muscles: All those muscles you built up with your rigorous routine, diet, and post-workout supplements? Yes, you will start losing them, and the process will be quick and visible However, just because your muscles will be smaller doesn’t imply you will lose strength. In fact, you will lose endurance and power faster.

2. Gaining Fat: When you stop working out, your calorie requirement will decrease. If you don’t adjust your diet, you will end up with belly fat. As your muscle mass falls, your metabolic rate will drop. You will be burning way fewer calories than before. All factors added, keeping unwanted fat off will not be easy.

3.VO2 Max Declines: VO2 Max refers to the maximum quantity of oxygen we can get into our bodies. It determines our performance potential. If you quit working out, VO2 Max or your aerobic capacity declines. After some time, even a little cardio will leave you gasping for air.

The way out? Don’t quit in the first place. A break is essential but don’t let it turn into weeks. Keep on training lightly meanwhile, and you will be alright. Don’t lose your hard-earned gains!

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