Cheat Meal: Yay or Nay!

Caring about your health is so important. It’s essentially about sticking to your routine. If you are trying to achieve body goals or such, you probably follow your routine even more strictly.

What does your routine look like? Let us guess: a balanced diet with a calorie surplus or deficit as per your goals, making up for deficiencies with protein supplements, a workout routine, Endura gym supplements like Endura Advanced Lean Mass.

Your dedication is commendable. Whether you want to gain or lose weight or simply want to stay healthy, sticking to a routine can get strenuous. Even the toughest ones among us find themselves longing for a break. A cheat meal surely wouldn’t hurt, right? Or are you too scared to lose your gains?

Let’s see if a cheat meal will hurt or help you.

If you want to lose unwanted fat, you stick to a calorie deficit diet. However, after a certain stage, your body enters a plateau stage. You stop losing further weight fast. Your metabolism slows down due to hormones. How do you get the hormones going again?

Cheat meals.

Have a cheat meal. The extra calories will get your hormones running again and you will break the plateau.

Other than that, it’s great for psychological reasons as well. A cheat meal is motivational. It helps you get through the week looking forward to that one delicious meal. A break after so much of restrictions never hurts. It’s a reward.

Just be careful with the meal. Don’t turn your cheat meal into a cheat day. Keep the calorie count in mind, and you are all good to go. Select an appropriate day, keeping your diet, calorie expenditure, and workout in mind.

A little cheat meal never hurt anybody!

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