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Working out for maintaining an active and fit body is in vogue. Most of us think that merely gymming is enough for gaining a lean, active and strong body but forget the prominent role of food pre & post workouts.

It’s important to have healthy and adequate food and standard amount of fluids before working out because contrary of the same can cause a lot of hazard to your health including bloating, dizziness and fatigue and even can lead to stomach cramps.

We already know that eating fried and oily things before workout is a no but here we will be telling you about those healthy things which are great for our body but not before workouts. Let’s look at five such edibles you must not take before working out:

1 DAIRY PRODUCTS: Despite having a lot of health benefits in-taking it before working out can slow you doawn or lead to an intestinal cramping while your workout session.

2. FLAVOURED WATER : Though these water are considered as great fitness drinks but they are overloaded with artificial sweeteners which can hinder your workout.

3. HARD BOILED EGGS: These should be said no as a pre- workout food because they don’t provide carbohydrates for energy and their protein takes very long to digest which may weigh you down while sweating it out at the gym.

4. FRUIT JUICE: Fruit juices, especially the packaged juices available in the market contain a lot of sugar which may effect your sweat session. So gulping a glass of juice before gymming is not a good idea.

5. PROTEIN BARS: Though these are taken by the bodybuilders and we think them to be good for workouts but they are secretly unhealthy foods. These pre-made edibles contain a lot of processed ingredients, dairy products and extra sugar which is in no way a good fitness regime causing bloating and fatigue.

So do opt simple , light and healthy snack and enough amount of water before hitting the gym.
The Endura supplements can be an option for you say a strict no to all the tempting unhealthy snacks and beverages. These supplements are available online and offline all-over the country earning its name with passing decades.

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