Home exercises for weight loss

Adequate body weight does a lot of favor to our health whereas an obese body has to suffer something or other health-related problem all the time. we have come up with some easy home exercises which lead to weight loss, let’s have a look :

1. The boat pose – Sit with the feet on the floor, bend your knees, keep your hands beneath your knees to support them, engage your abdominal muscles lifting your chest and shoulders back, and raise your lower legs until they’re parallel to the floor. Balance yourself on the sitting bones, hold for 10-15 breathes, and then release.

2. Planks – Kneel on a mat keeping hands directly under your shoulders. Stretch your legs back one at a time and come into plank position engaging your abdominal muscles, hold for 2 minutes and then drop yourself back.

3. Squat – Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart, tighten your stomach muscles, lower down imagining as if you’re sitting on a chair, straighten your legs to lift yourself back. Repeat the process.

4. Mountain Climbers– set yourself in a plank position. Drive the right knee towards the chest without raising your hips or right foot touching the floor. Place the right foot back and repeat with the left leg.

5. Skip Rope – This is one of the easiest overall body engaging exercises. Jump the rope with a balanced body and speed up as per your perfection in this.

6. Bodyweight Balance – stand on the floor with the feet together. Lift right leg so right toe just tap the floor, bend and touch your left knee with your right hand. Keep your core engaged and glute squeezed. Stand and repeat the same with the alternate leg.

Do practice these home exercises committing them a scheduled time. Believe these are never going to leave you disappointed.

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